How are our fine dice made? I am glad you asked. You see they are made in a very standard and normal fashion just as one would expect. Nothing at all surprising or odd about the process at all. Perhaps I can show you something in a nice dice tray perhaps?

Look, scram kid. Just be thankful you asked me and not her, the one over there behind the counter. Now get going befo – OOohh, yes she was asking about the dice your Craftiness. And about how they were made, yes. Yes, I am sure she would love to see the process up close wouldn’t you lass? Why, step out back young lady, the Queen of all that Glitters is going to show you how it is all done, so lucky you are. So lucky indeed. Yes, out the back door you go – um, would you mind carrying this vape, this bit of gum, and this mercury thermometer out to the Queen? Why? Oh, for your curiosity she is going to make you your own set of dice and she needs these for the process. Lucky you! So nice you dressed up so purple and sparkly for the Faire today! The process takes about an hour, enjoy!

Another curious, but satisfied customer!