How are our fine dice made? I am glad you asked. You see they are made in a very standard and normal fashion just as one would expect. Nothing at all surprising or odd about the process at all. Perhaps I can show you something in a nice dice tray perhaps?

Look, scram kid. Just be thankful you asked me and not her, the one over there behind the counter. Now get going befo – OOohh, yes she was asking about the dice your Craftiness. And about how they were made, yes. Yes, I am sure she would love to see the process up close wouldn’t you lass? Why, step out back young lady, the Queen of all that Glitters is going to show you how it is all done, so lucky you are. So lucky indeed. Yes, out the back door you go – um, would you mind carrying this vape, this bit of gum, and this mercury thermometer out to the Queen? Why? Oh, for your curiosity she is going to make you your own set of dice and she needs these for the process. Lucky you! So nice you dressed up so purple and sparkly for the Faire today! The process takes about an hour, enjoy!

Another curious, but satisfied customer!

Striking Camp

The last thing you take down is your tent. You want it to be as dry as possible before you pack it up and move on. And so that is what we have done. We have struck camp, packed up our dice, our trays, bags, towers, and tucked away the magic for next year. Chances are though as we travel on that you may find us again in any number of places, Messrs Illgot and Gaines do get around.

P.S. And whoever put the zombie kobolds in the tent last night, NOT FUNNY!

Dance? Why yes we will!

I would dance a jig too if I could get this fine fellow to line my snazzy Illgot and Gaines dice tray. We only have a few, but more are on the way. Our sorcerous goblin is hard at work creating this and other fyne wares though honestly getting them to work in something other than dwarf skin is a chore for the rest of us. So if you are out to the Faire ask about a fancy skin for your tray we promise you will enjoy it! Just don’t inquire too deeply where the leather is from.

Ready for the Faire

So many things to see and buy!

We opened a few weeks ago and we couldn’t be happier. Excited gamers, fun stories, and general nerdiness all around. One of the things we hear often is that people wonder why it has taken this long for something like us to come to the show. Frankly we had been wondering the same thing and so we did something about it!

Come see for yourselves. We have new things arriving daily and can’t wait to share the excitement we have for games with you!